DRINK! The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game - 90's Edition 2: Judgement Day 'Gator Bait - Now Extended! The Dybbuk

The 90′s are back. Again.



What happened in the totally rad 90s when a movie was all that and a bag of chips? They made a sequel of course! And since DRINK! The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game – 90’s Edition is packin’ em in every night, what could we at Corn do but get jiggy with DRINK! –The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game – 90’s Edition 2: Judgment Day.

DRINK! –The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game – 90’s Edition 2: Judgment Day is all new with a new cast and new 90s music and parodies served up the way you like it…on the rocks with a twist! New sketches pay homage to Jurassic Park, Saved by the Bell, Frasier, Pokémon, Legends of the Hidden Temple and so much more. TMI? Well don’t talk to the hand, put a drink in it and grab your posse and let’s roll to Cornservatory for a night of so much comedy and so much drinking…you’ll be going postal…as if!

So let’s bounce over to Cornservatory with the BYOB beverage of your choice…boo ya… cuz’ this show is da bomb…are you down? DRINK! The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game – 90’s Edition 2: Judgment Day continues to slosh its way through Cornservatory, 4210 N Lincoln Ave. Saturdays at 11pm August 16th through October 11th. Ticket price $10 and can be purchased at here or reserved by calling 773-650-1331.

Audition for our Halloween show!

Corn Productions is seeking actors of all types, ethnicities and experience to audition for their upcoming fall production of Nightmares on Lincoln Avenue VI. The show will consist of sketches that blur the line of horror and comedy. We are looking for a strong ensemble cast with the ability to play multiple roles.

Auditions will be held Saturday, August 17th from 12-6pm, with call-backs on August 20th at 7pm at Cornservatory, 4210 N. Lincoln Ave.

Auditions are 8/17 12pm-6pm. Rehearsals will be Sunday-Wednesday at 7 pm and Saturdays 11-2. Performances are Thursday-Saturday October 9th-November 1st and Wednesday October 22nd and 29th.

Please prepare a 2 minute contemporary monologue. Submit headshot and resume to director Marla Jacob at cornproductions@gmail.com for an audition time-slot.

‘Gator Bait opens Friday, ya’ll!

No plans this weekend? Well that’s good, because we’ve got a brand new show opening!


Inspired by the infamous hicksploitation film of the same name, ‘Gator Bait is a wickedly funny and politically incorrect stage comedy. Follow the adventures of the skimpily clad Desiree — originally played by Playboy Playmate Claudia Jennings — a renegade poacher who rules the Louisiana swamp with a blazin’ gun and a smokin’ smile. Falsely accused of murder, she is pursued by the sheriff and a ruthless posse. After the group kills her sister, Desiree must use her “swamp smarts” to exact bloody revenge. Get your tickets here.

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