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Join us, if you dare…

Halloween is a time to scoop out pumpkin brains and replace them with a candle.  Let Corn blow your mind while you get lit with this year’s installments of our annual Halloween double feature, Nightmares 666 and Death Toll!


One dark and stormy night, a three-tailed comet rips through the cosmic sky, casting a sinister omen over eight strangers who share one commonality: the Mark of the Beast. Gathered together for a masquerade party at the possibly-haunted mansion of an eerie nanny, Marian Joseph, these strangers soon learn that by the end of the evening, one of them will be revealed as the child of the Devil. Will it be the very pregnant Rose Mary or her devoted husband, Middy; party-boy Teadore Ragu, heir to the Ragu pasta sauce empire, or 89-year old undergarment millionairess, Madame Willow; horse psychologist, Dr. Samuel Loopis, or Marian’s creepy 12-year old daughter, Dana Ann? What suspicious and unsettling premises, indeed!

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They say dying is easy and comedy is hard. At Corn, we say both are easy…especially when booze is involved! Back again like the Bird Flu, the original drinking show returns to the Cornservatory stage for the sixth installment of everyone’s favorite hor-omedy sketch show Death Toll – A Drinking Game Performance. A simple show with a twist…a lemon twist… Death Toll – A Drinking Game Performance offers up hilarious and spooky sketches where people die and the audience drinks every time they do (with the help of our incandescent DRINK sign)!
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#ALS Ice Spit-Take Challenge

The 90′s are back. Again.



What happened in the totally rad 90s when a movie was all that and a bag of chips? They made a sequel of course! And since DRINK! The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game – 90’s Edition is packin’ em in every night, what could we at Corn do but get jiggy with DRINK! –The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game – 90’s Edition 2: Judgment Day.

DRINK! –The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game – 90’s Edition 2: Judgment Day is all new with a new cast and new 90s music and parodies served up the way you like it…on the rocks with a twist! New sketches pay homage to Jurassic Park, Saved by the Bell, Frasier, Pokémon, Legends of the Hidden Temple and so much more. TMI? Well don’t talk to the hand, put a drink in it and grab your posse and let’s roll to Cornservatory for a night of so much comedy and so much drinking…you’ll be going postal…as if!

So let’s bounce over to Cornservatory with the BYOB beverage of your choice…boo ya… cuz’ this show is da bomb…are you down? DRINK! The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game – 90’s Edition 2: Judgment Day continues to slosh its way through Cornservatory, 4210 N Lincoln Ave. Saturdays at 11pm August 16th through October 11th. Ticket price $10 and can be purchased at here or reserved by calling 773-650-1331.

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