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OPENING JAN. 30TH – DRINK! Gives you (Holly)Wood

DRINK! Gives You (Holly)Wood every Saturday, Jan 30 – April 16 at 11 p.m at Cornservatory, 4210 N Lincoln Ave.
DRINK! Cornservatory’s long running, hit BYOB drinking game sketch show, heads into its 14th season with the glamour and faults of stardom in its crosshairs. DRINK! Gives You (Holly)Wood pays homage and provides plenty of parody to our favorite movies and TV shows including Harry Potter, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Star Wars, The Godfather, and James Bond while taking famous celebrities Andy Serkis, Nicolas Cage, and the cast of Full House along for the ride.
Grab your tickets, popcorn and a six pack as you walk the red carpet into DRINK! Gives You (Holly)Wood
Tickets are $12

New Year’s Eve Cornstravaganza: TICKETS ON SALE

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